Child Dental Care

Many people believe that children will not tolerate dental treatment but this is not true, children can be cooperative even more so than adults, if they are approached in a professional way and this would positively affect the quality of their teeth in the future.

You can be assured your children are receiving the highest standard of dental care along with special waiting areas designed to entertain and at the same time relax them. At YDC we will help you and your child develop a positive attitude about dental care. We do this by providing a supportive and fun environment for both the child and the parent that eliminates uncertainties and helps kids to understand the importance of taking care of their teeth.

In order to do so, we provide decay preventive procedures like pit and fissure sealant and fluoride application for primary and permanent teeth along with providing Nitrous Oxide “Laughing Gas”, a safe and effective method used to help apprehensive or anxious patients relax during their dental treatment. Patients remain alert, awake and can talk to dentists and staff during their treatment. The onset is quick, the effects are fully reversible, and recovery is rapid.

We also recommend check-ups every six months (the first visit should be in the first year of life) to educate mothers about the correct methods of dental hygiene and the correct foods (in relation to the tooth development of their infant of course).


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